Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Benjamin nurses with his leg sticking up into the air.

I don't have a photo yet, but I wanted to record this for posterity, because he makes me laugh every time. Whichever leg is not tucked into my body, he sticks straight up. Sometimes his foot is in my face, sometimes it's out toward the room, sometimes he is holding it in his hand, sometimes he just lets it swing around loose. But without fail, every time he nurses he sticks out his leg.

Benjamin, you make me laugh. I love you kiddo.


I'm not sure how it evolved (but I do know it started with James!); Benjamin's nickname has become "Benjamin-boo-bear-boy." I know, I know. Nicknames are supposed to be shorter than the full name! At any rate, James coined it and it seems to have caught on.

Once in a while we'll refer to Benjamin as "Ben." Up until last week, Caleb always immediately responded with "His name is not Ben, it's Benjamin." Then last week: "His name is not Ben, it's Benjamin-boo-bear-boy!"

I think it's time we start using Benjamin's full name. I'm not sure this is a nickname he'll want to stick as he grows.

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