Friday, 30 July 2010


I love when you have a moment in parenting that tells you "yeah, I'm doing it right."

The way I look at parenting is that it is my job to raise independent adults. My home is a place of learning and I am the primary teacher and guide. Kids can do so much more than we give them credit for, and I try really hard to foster independence in as many areas as possible. You would probably know this if you've seen Colin dressed. Not always matching, but he has dressed himself since before he was three, and with that responsibility comes the privilege of choosing what you wear. Caleb is just about to begin this also, so please remember this before you judge me on what my kids are wearing.

The other day, however, I peaked in on a moment that reaffirmed me in my role as mother. I was having an afternoon lie-down with Benjamin, Caleb was napping. Colin emerged from his bedroom after a short rest, not tired enough to sleep. I gave him the nod to go downstairs and play quietly. When Benjamin woke up 20 minutes later, I came downstairs. Colin was at the table having a snack.

"Did Daddy get that for you?"
"Nope. I got it myself. I opened the pantry and found the crackers and the raisins and got them all out. But I couldn't reach the plate so Daddy got the plate for me."

Now that's what I call independence. He had a need, thought of the solution, then saw it through. He asked for help with something beyond his ability. And, bonus: it was an appropriate snack and serving size.

This is me patting myself on the back. I love moments like these.

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