Thursday, 22 July 2010


"If we are hungry in a natural sense, we don't need sugar coating on our bread. The bread alone will satisfy us. But most of us never have gone hungry for natural food. So we often want to dress it up and make it fancy.

"If we have prepared room in our hearts, we will savor the taste of the Gospel. Like natural food when we are hungry, it will fill us with thankfulness. But if we haven't prepared, over time we will lose our taste and pursue vain amusements."

- "Better Off" by Eric Brende

This is a quote from a Mennonite-type community sermon. It taught me so much about physical and spiritual nourishment. I think I often suffer from being over-satiated with both. I search for ways to gussy up the meals I prepare, saturating foods in sauces and fancy ideas. Likewise, I am often not satisfied with the simplicity of the gospel and search for more complex ideas and histories. While knowing Israelite backgrounds and Greek word roots can open up bible studies to new levels, it is good to remember that all these are simply appendages to the central message of Jesus Christ.

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