Friday, 13 August 2010

Music Time

Yesterday I had a morning that put a smile on my face. A couple of weeks ago the boys and I trotted out to the Grand Valley Early Years Centre for a play. I love this site because they have a huge rec room just for running and kicking balls and riding bikes and cars, as well as the usual play room. Plus it's rarely crowded - there's never been more than about 12 kids there at any one time. This is a perfect number, because it means there is usually at least one kid that Colin can lead in play, and chances are slim that Caleb's emotions will be set off by something.

So out we went, and were having a grand old time. As circle time approached, (a time for a small snack, a story read by an adult, and a few fun songs) I mentioned to the ladies that run the centre that I am learning the guitar and hope to run some free music classes in the fall. They jumped on the idea quickly and suggested I bring it sometime and lead a few songs during circle time. It's something I do at home all the time with the boys, and I agreed that the other kids might enjoy seeing and hearing the guitar, and having a few new songs introduced. I hesitated to schedule a day in advance; we don't generally plan much ahead of time. I did promise that the next time I came in I would bring the guitar, though, and if they were okay with the spontaneous nature of that, I would love to sing a few songs.

Yesterday, with the day promising a humidex temperature into the high thirties, I suggested the Early Years Centre as a cool-down place for the morning. Off we went, guitar in tow.

I will admit I was a little nervous about it, but not about singing with the kids. My nerves are directly related to other adults being around. In order to steel myself, I pulled the guitar out while we were the only ones there, getting myself warmed up and ready. By circle time there were the usual 12 kids or so. Before starting to play I walked around and let each kid strum the strings to see what it was like. I sat on the floor in the circle, and everything just eased into a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

I had a lot of fun, more than I even imagined I would. And the kids were rapt as I played the three songs I had planned, plus a fourth encore, and still they asked for more! I love children's music, and so enjoyed the experience. It was a good moment for me, a confidence booster and a motivator in anticipation of the fall program I hope to start.

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