Saturday, 21 August 2010

Playing house

A month or so ago I had my friends' two girls over for a playdate with the boys. The oldest girl is a year older than Colin, and so she took charge of play for the day. They played house and school, two things my boys had never really experienced. It was fun to remember my own days with my sisters playing in just the same way.

Although they don't recreate these games every day, a couple of times I week I hear their voices floating into the kitchen as Colin is playing parent and serving Caleb dinner or instructing him on bedtime.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I thought about writing this post because I could hear the boys playing house in the play room and I wanted to record for posterity the gentle motherly manner in which they were playing. They had out the Fisher Price toy house and some little figures. Just as I finished writing the above, I heard Colin's voice:

"Now let's play a game of bad guys shooting each other."

Boys will be boys!

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