Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Saying "yes"

This summer, I'm trying to say "yes" as much as I can.

So often during the school year, I have to say "no" to the boys. They have to get enough sleep every night, and I have to keep some semblance of order in the house, and I need to get certain things done by certain times, and nap times have to be timed just perfectly between lunch and pick up.

For the last week, I've let things go a little. I've said "yes" to 10 more minutes in the sprinkler, "yes" to doing a puzzle instead of getting out the door, "yes" to a snack at an odd time, "yes" to staying up a little later with Daddy.

The result has been a much happier home. The kids are more at ease, and my mindset has let go of schedules in favour of easy-going. Sure, there are still times when I have to say "no," but I am amazed at how often my instinct is "no" when it could just as easily (or not as easily, but still able to) be "yes."


Erin said...

I can totally relate! Sometimes we have to take a second to think about why we're saying no and what would really happen if it was a yes. I've been trying to say yes more'ssad to see how often the girls looked shocked like they didn't hear me quite right! Makes me wonder how often I've been saying no!

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