Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What a baby can do

This past weekend we spent up at my Nana's home. There was a flux of people there every day and night, friends and family celebrating, people bunking down in every room and camped out on the floors. As an introvert, I enjoy the one on one time I got with lots of different people, but at other times I just receded back for a moment or two of quiet.

During these times of quiet, I had a chance to observe Benjamin interacting with all these different people. As long as I'm in the room, Benjamin absolutely loves to explore new friends. He spreads his charming smile and walks right up to someone, touching their hands and even climbing up into their laps.

But it wasn't Benjamin I was watching - it was the other person with whom he was interacting. I was amazed by the light that came into that person's eyes, the smile that touched their lips, the joy in their face. It was like the innocence and happiness of a toddler was passed through Benjamin's and touched them subconsciously right down to their soul.

The guests who came through were as eclectic as you can imagine, spreading every age, culture, and personality bracket. Some had families of their own, others hadn't yet started, others were just beginning. Benjamin touched each and every one of them. It was such a pleasure to sit back and observe this little phenomenon. It made me smile to see the private moment between my little son another person four times his size - for that minute it was just the two of them, alone and in a moment of pure joy.

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