Monday, 11 June 2012


I have always been one to appreciate the beauty of things around me.  The lush emerald green of a forest canopy, the sparkling azure of a lake, a stunning bright coloured dress, the delicate details of a porcelain figure, a perfectly framed and captured photograph.  Probably at least 75% of what I notice and verbalize as beautiful relates to nature.  God has created the perfect masterpiece in what naturally occurs around us.

I never realized how often I verbalize the word "beautiful" until I started to hear it from my boys.  All three of them notice and mention the things they find beautiful.  Colin is the one most likely to appreciate the beauty of nature.  He will comment about a beautiful sunset, or a beautiful tree.  Caleb notices beauty in people.  He often tells me I'm beautiful, and he has also mentioned that he thinks the education assistant in his class is beautiful.  Benjamin sees beauty in the specifics.  He tells us that Cleo's (the cat) white fur is beautiful, or a dress I'm wearing, or how my hair falls when I wear it down.

I'm so glad that appreciation of beauty is something I've passed onto the boys.  I think it is something that comes much more naturally to women, and often in today's day and age it doesn't come at all to many youth.  I hope they continue to see the beauty in the world around them.

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