Saturday, 1 February 2014

Naming of a home

Does your home have a name?

I think "Green Gables" "Anne of Green Gables" was the first home I remember having a name.  Then there was "Orchard House" in Little Women and "Tara" in "Gone with the Wind."  What a quaint idea, I thought, naming one's house.  Four walls suddenly become a part of a family history, a building come alive, containing the love and memories of those who dwelled within.

Our home doesn't have a name, but I've always wanted to christen it.  Somehow our plain white vinyl siding and fenced in grass haven't inspired anything yet.  I imagine that if one day we get our little home in the country that the stretching trees and rolling land will lend itself to creativity much easier.

I still hope to ponder a little and find a name for this place, even though we are already six years here.

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