Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Bucket Drumming

It's hard to get into the kids' school very often with other little ones at home, but thanks to my supremely awesome friend and sister-in-law I have been able to bring some music programs to our school.  Last fall I did a choir, and this spring we are doing bucket drumming.

(These photos were taken by the school secretary before we had the buckets out.)

I was nervous to start this club, as I am always nervous with something new.  You never really know how things will go the first week or two.  How fast will they take to the material?  Will they speed through everything I know, or am I expecting too much?  Will I spend the whole time trying to keep order, or will the respond well?

So far, bucket drumming (after two weeks) has been a fantastic success.  We are learning some different rhythms, and our first song "Yuck!"  I'm teaching everything by rote, which means they listen and watch and then repeat, instead of reading music.  While an official music class would require learning to read music, I have more latitude in a club and can get right into some fun stuff.  The kids are already asking if they can have a "spectacle" (concert) at the end of the year.

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