Wednesday, 25 February 2015


A beautiful metaphor was captured the other day by a friend.  An image of each of us standing as candles, our gathered flames illuminating the world around us.  Each, on our own, lights but a small circle, but standing shoulder to shoulder the fiery glow creates a powerful brightness.  In such proximity, even a candle that goes out can be relit by the nearness to other flames.  And, in speaking of light, our tiny flame in nothing in relation to the great light that is the sun (Son.)

Every word was laced with beauty and truth.  My mind wandered through the essay and nodded at this thought, that idea.  But when it closed, my mind had not finished wandering.  It was guided on in the metaphor as it pulled the images into my own life, for this day, this moment, this year.  Once again, the future was vaguely opened for me.

This year you will not stand on a dais of candles, each shimmering light dancing in unison.  This year you will stand alone and learn the coldness of human life and the dreariness of the world.  But you will not shiver; nor will you feel the loneliness.  No, this year you will learn what it is to stand in the Great Light, to be lit day in and day out by your proximity to the Son.  You will see that your little light, when held up to the sun, is nothing but a vain effort.  You will work tirelessly to be a light to others, to stand on a hill and not hide behind the bushes, but it will not be your tiny flame they see.  For what candle can hope to light anything around it under the warmth of a brilliant summer sun?  And if your light flickers, it will never go out if you stay close to the powerful source of all light.

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