Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Dream a little dream

After being unsettled this week, I thought I'd jot down some of the little dreams that are circling in my head.

Traveling and learning with my children.  I so want to combine my love of homeschooling, which I have yet to do, with my love of traveling.  But more so, I want to expose my children to things beyond our little town.  I want to give them a passion for the people and places of the world.

In order to do this, we need to have work that allows us the freedom to travel for extended periods at a time (one to three months, likely.)  This definitely means a change from where we are now, running a business that requires day to day management.  That might also mean choosing to supply teach rather than take my own full time classroom.  It also means helping my husband in his own change of careers to something that allows him to work from anywhere he can plug in a computer.

Getting a masters degree.  There has always been a small part of me that leaped when I heard someone talk of getting a masters or doctorate degree.  While formal schooling is not my goal, learning from brilliant minds is.  I had a professor in university who taught film theory and film history, and she spoke from the depths of her experience as part of the underground film movement in communist Russia.  She did not teach from textbooks but from life itself.  I want to sit at the feet of minds like that, soak it in, and engage with it back and forth.

Write.  I'm frustrated that I don't know what it is I'm to write yet.  I have so many passionate projects in my mind, on my computer, falling from my fingers onto the keys, and yet I have not pursued anything. In the meantime I write and write and write away, anxious to have more direction about where this is all heading.

Music.  I am fulfilling a dream as I learn the violin right now.  But I haven't yet found my place among fellow musicians.  I yearn for a small group that gathers regularly (monthly? bi-weekly?) and simply pours their hearts out together in creating and performing.  We all have busy lives, but it is something I would make time for, if only I could find others with a similar passion.

Deliberate mothering.  I feel like like I've been hanging on to the edge for too long.  I sigh a little every time I write this because I feel like it never changes.  But one of these days I'll be a little more on top of life.  Specifically in teaching my kids, taking them outdoors, and in food preparation (especially for Juliette.)

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