Friday, 2 March 2007

Colin's First Word - Boy, Are We in Trouble!

Ladies and gentlemen, Colin has said his first word! I was sitting at the piano with Colin on my lap, playing from a children's songbook. We often enjoy singing and playing together like this. Occasionally I point to the pictures in the book and say the name of the picture, always hoping I might coax something out of him.

Today, he finally responded to me! Pointing to a picture, I said the word "girl". Without hesitation, he repeated back to me: "girl!" Taken aback, I said it again, to make sure I'd heard right. Sure enough, he repeated again: "girl!" Amid bursts of laughter, we said it over and over again.

Thank goodness he probably doesn't really know what the word means yet. Hopefully we have a few more years at least before girls become his primary focus!

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