Sunday, 25 March 2007

If You Chance to Meet a Frown...

Have you ever had one of those days where all you feel like is crying? I know (as a woman) I have definitely experienced moments when the tears flow silently down my cheeks and I couldn't tell you why. I know many of my girlfriends know those kind of days. Perhaps it's because women are emotionally tuned in a little more, and so are susceptible to the sadness that exists around us.

I also think that children, and babies, are open to the same levels of emotion. My mother has told me of when I was a baby and my father had to leave for an extended work assignment overseas. She was understandably feeling down. Then she picked me up for comfort, and although I was usually a wiggly baby, let her just hold me. My mother says I knew that she needed that hug.

The other day Colin woke up from his nap in tears, and the tears just kept flowing. He wasn't screaming or upset, just sad. He didn't want to be held, didn't need a bottle, wouldn't be comforted by his favourite toy. Even sitting with me at the piano wouldn't ease the tears. He moped about for a few hours, through dinner, and until bedtime. I changed him into his pajamas, read a book as teardrops fell on the pages, then sang a few lullabies before setting him down in his crib. He was asleep in minutes.

Normally during these "sad" moments, I sing a little song I learned in primary, at church when I was young. This is a great remedy for the baby who has the blues:
If you chance to meet a frown
Do not let it stay,
Simply turn it upside down
And smile that frown away.

No one likes a frowning face
Change it for a smile.
Make the world a better place
By smiling all the while.

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