Thursday, 8 March 2007

Shakespeare? Mozart?

Okay, perhaps I'm aiming a little high with these famous historic artists, but it's fun to watch Colin and wonder what he'll be like as his personality develops.

He loves to read. Put him in front of a toy and he's bored in 30 seconds. Give him a book and he'll sit for a good five minutes. Read him a book and he'll sit with you for half an hour. Every day we read books together. Often I read it first and he flips the pages, and then we go back and he "reads" it to me. Of course his babble doesn't sound like anything to me, but if you watch him you can tell that he's imitating the idea of making sounds for each page. He studies the pictures and follows if you point at the words. So many times I'll wonder why I don't hear any sound from his corner anymore and when I turn around he's sitting quietly flipping the pages of a book.

He also loves the piano, which seems only natural. James and I are both very musical. He's been listening to me play the piano since conception. When he was newborn, I could roll his stroller up next to the piano and he'd lie for an hour just listening to me play. When he turned about 5 or 6 months I'd sit him in my lap and play and sing children's songs for him. By 7 or 8 months he would put his hands on the piano and play between my fingers. When he learned to crawl, no matter where he was in the apartment, if I began to play even a few notes on the piano he'd come racing into the room and pull himself up to the keys. At a year, he would sit by himself to play. Now he pushes my hands aside if I attempt to contribute to his Sonatas!

I have realized as I watch him that he is truly absorbing everything around him. Most of you know our house is always filled with music. In terms of reading, well, currently I have 8 books sitting on my night table (1 fiction, 1 biography, 1 non-fiction, 1 magazine, 1 behavioural guide, 1 daily spiritual thought collection, 1 anecdotal book and 1 journal). I realize just how careful we need to be in the examples we set for him. He's this little sponge and I want to make sure he soaks up all that is good in the world.

I'm excited to see how these early interests develop, if at all. People always ask if I'll teach him the piano. Of course, I reply, if he shows interest. I certainly don't want to push it on him. But I do hope both these interests become passions for him, as they are for me. How exciting it would be to share these with my son!

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