Sunday, 4 March 2007

Whom God calls, God qualifies

I love how God works in our lives. I never cease to be amazed how I cannot see the big picture, but God can, and will always have his hand watching over us.

This weekend I had had the opportunity to once again lead the regional choir for our church. 15 women faithfully attended over two months of daily rehearsals to prepare for our two performances. Although I have years of lessons in the piano, I have never been trained as a choir director, and have only a very basic idea of vocal performance. And yet somehow each time I am called to lead this choir, miracles happen. Those 15 voices filled the chapel with musical praise and truly became voices of angels. I am always grateful for the praise we receive of those touched by our songs. And I would be lying if I didn't admit the pride I feel in a job well done.

Yet God is always there, watching over me to make sure I don't swell too much with pride. One speaker at the conference this weekend spoke about talents, and, focusing on the theme of "giving the firstlings of our service", spoke these words which continue to echo in my mind:

"Don't try to dazzle everyone with how brilliant you are, dazzle them with how brilliant the gospel is."

The inspired words and music of the hymns created in praise of God are truly what made the performance touching. I am grateful I was able to be instrumental in bringing the spirit into the meeting, and hopefully we touched some of those listening.

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Mom said...


I love how you can (and do) express how you feel about your spiritual thoughts. I loved reading this entry and how you gave thanks to our Heavenly Father for his blessings. I love how you have learned that if you use your talents, God will help you. I feel that way about teaching. I know how you feel when you work hard on something and then it works out so well and how proud you feel of it. I think it's okay to feel good about it, but I love the quote you mentioned and how you related it to yourself. Helping others to feel the Spirit truly is a blessing - you never know who might have been there and needed to be touched by the beautiful music. I love you.

Love, Mom