Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Life's Not Fair

I heard a thought-provoking idea this morning:

Ever think to yourself "life's not fair?" Well, you bet it isn't. I went to bed with a full stomach of my favourite meal while thousands died of hunger. I indulged in some television while single mothers trudged to a second job to make ends meet. I spoke with my mom while others cried in loneliness. I took the car out to run an errand, while some walked on cracked and bleeding feet miles to where they needed to go. I slept safe and secure in my bed while families around the world were being displaced. You bet life's not fair.

If life were fair, every time I exceeded the speed limit, I'd get a ticket. If life were fair, every time I cut corners, I would be penalized. Every time I didn't let someone in, someone wouldn't let me in. Every time I said something not-so-nice about someone, I would be cut by a disparaging remark also. Every time I didn't study for a test, I wouldn't pass. If life were fair, you'd never get to "catch a break".

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and sometimes good things happen to bad people. Life's not fair. But would you really want it to be?

If life were fair, life would be all about judgment, and there would be no mercy. Would you really want to live your life without the gift of mercy?

I'm thankful that life isn't fair.

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