Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Getting back up on the horse

Colin is so great at "getting back up on the horse". Yesterday he had climbed up onto a chair at the kitchen table to eat a snack. James and I were both at the table also, but the next thing we knew Colin was tumbling over head first to the floor. He hit with a loud SMACK and tears welled immediately. I ran to him to give him a hug and soothe his wails, and although he hugged back for a second, it wasn't even a minute after he'd fallen when he pushed away from me, turned around and climbed back up onto the chair. There was no way he was going to let that chair get the best of him! I was so proud.

Then today he had another spill off the chair. I was at his feet this time, and managed to half catch him on the way down to ease the fall. I waited to see how this second tumble might affect him - but our Colin is so resilient! There weren't even tears this time. He just picked himself up and climbed back up onto the chair.

Okay, I might not keep letting him back up on the chair without closer supervision - I don't want to tempt any broken bones just yet! But I am glad to see this determination showing through!

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