Friday, 29 February 2008

5 generations

Colin, Caleb and I returned last night from our visit to Vancouver, British Columbia this week. I have family out west, and so I ventured out there with the kids and my Dad to visit and introduce everyone to Caleb. The flight was long, but manageable, thanks to our new portable DVD player and my Dad's incredible patience and help. I've flown four times now with babies/children, so if anyone is looking for ideas/advice, be sure to ask!

So aside from fighting the time change, we had a fantastic time. What is most remarkable is that we had 5 generations together. That's right - Colin and Caleb have a great great grandmother. In fact, when Colin was born, he had three great great grandparents! We have been blessed with good health and longevity, allowing our family to be so full these many years. When Colin was born, he had 13 grandparents (including all the "greats"). I think back to my own grandparents and feel so lucky to be close to all of them. I have memories of time spent with all of them. Here are a few of my memories, that bridge the 5 generations:

1. Great Great Grandma and Grandpa Gall - sitting with grandma on the piano bench at her home, as she played "How much is that doggie in the window" and "On top of spaghetti" for me. I recall the thrill of the glissando at the end of the latter song, the pure delight my little five year old self took in listening to her sweet voice. Grandpa's funny little tartan cap.

2. Great Grandma and Grandpa Martin - Listening to their stories of raising six kids in the northern Canadian territories while Grandma makes homemade bread.

3. Great Great Grandma Martin - her incredible gift for playing the piano by ear...I have a great love of many of the "oldies" (songs from the 30's, 40's and 50's) that she would treat us to each visit.

4. Great Great Grandma Terry - her wit at our family Christmas gift exchanges - will anyone dare "steal" that pillow from a 95 year old woman?

5. Nana and Poppy - Camping at Six Foot Bay, singing around the campfire, unhooking sunfish from fishing rods, Poppy's jolly laugh and Nana getting right in their with the kids.

6. Ma and Pa Martin - their delight in discovering the differences between raising boys and girls (they had 3 girls and no boys!) Ma's unending patience with Colin and Pa babbling back to Caleb.

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