Monday, 4 February 2008

Mommy Time-Outs

Today my friends (fellow work at home mothers) and I were talking about the need for time to ourselves. I am blessed to have my own mother come by once a week to take Colin for a few hours in the evening, so that I can have a break. James handles Caleb and I am able to do all those things I wish I could do during the week but can't. Sometimes I go out, sometimes I stay in (locked in my bedroom or in taking a bath); I run errands, or do the accounting, or scrapbook, or escape to a coffee shop to read a few chapters of a book.

My friends were saying how rare it is they get time away. Granted with a newborn, it's a little harder, but I still believe it's important. I don't believe I can be effective as a wife and mother if I'm not taking care of myself. It's an important chain, where one link must be strong enough to support those underneath it - and that first link is me.

So to all mothers reading this blog - be sure to take time for yourself. Ask your husband to have a "Daddy-kids night". Buddy up with another work-at-home mom and take each others' kids once a week, even for an hour. Call up your family for a little extra help - it's a sign of strength, not weakness - they will probably love a chance to hang out with nieces and nephews.

And don't forget - while a date night with your husband is important to have, this one is just for you!

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