Friday, 8 February 2008

My son the sculptor

Okay - this is totally a bragging-mom entry. It starts this way:

"My son is so smart..."

Yesterday Colin and I were building with the megablocks. I would build something (castle, house, helicopter, etc) and then he would randomly add blocks to the creation until he pronounced it finished (usually once all the blocks were used up). After a taking a photo, we would dismantle the item and start again. At one point, I made a giraffe. The giraffe went for a ride in the train and ate some food, and then was dismantled. About 15 minutes later, while building a castle, I hadn't noticed that Colin was building on his own. After a few minutes, there was a little tap on my shoulder. Colin proudly held out his creation, announcing "giraffe!"

I was amazed. He had searched through the blocks to find the ones I had used for the giraffe, and done a fairly decent job at re-building the one I had done! okay, so it's missing legs and the neck grows into it's mouth - but for a two-year-old's first attempt - I'd say he's pretty amazing!

Here are the photos (hopefully you can tell which one is mine!)

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