Tuesday, 24 March 2009


After an encounter with a wet carpet, our old vacuum decided to end the abuse and call it quits. Thus began my venture to buying a new vacuum.

There are a lot of vacuums out there - a lot of brands, but not a lot of variety in features and prices. Which made the decision extra hard - I really felt like I could just blindly pick up anything and it would be just as good as the next. For me, that is not how I like to make a decision! There are lists to write and research to do and reports to read...

Finally I just sent out an email: "Write me if you're in love with your vacuum." Only one name came up, and more than once: Dyson. But it was always followed with this disclaimer: if you can afford it.

My research renewed and I discovered that Dyson vacuum cleaners run between two and three times the price of all others. Can it really be worth all that? Apparently, yes. So after talking with a good friend who budgets her money, vacuums daily, and has three boys and a baby running around her house, I was persuaded to maybe fork out the money.

First I looked into a second hand one - they were still going for twice what a regular new one would cost. But in my browsing I managed to find a site for refurbished Dyson vacuums, right from the manufacturer. 60% off, free delivery right to your door. That's it - I was sold.

Three days later I clapped my hands and shouted with glee as my beautiful new appliance was delivered. By this time James was having a field day poking fun at me and my obsession with vacuums, that had now gone on for more than two weeks. I pulled it out and we all gave it a run around the living room. True to the reports, I filled the cannister after vacuuming one room - all the stuff my old vacuum wasn't getting. Yes, I was in love, with its beautiful yellow and grey shades, its long, slender wand that reaches all the way up my stairs, its transparent cannister that boasts a day's work.

I hadn't realized just how caught up in it all I had become until my in-laws were over on the weekend. In jest, James had Colin make an announcement: "Can I have your attention please?" Colin declared to all in the room. "Introducing...Dyson!" James wheeled in my vacuum. Colin applauded and danced around it. Caleb broke out into smiles and laughter, clapping and dancing as well. Pure excitement exuded from both boys. Five minutes later the performance was repeated for my mother-in-law who had been upstairs. Same introduction, same vacuum, same elation from the boys. Everyone laughed at how excited a simple vacuum made them.

Ah well. Some may look down their noses at these occasions with which my life is now filled. But it makes another story for the books, another memory for the bank, another laugh shared with my family (which now, apparently, includes Dyson).

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