Monday, 2 March 2009

Soothers postscript

Caleb now carries around two soothers (and screams if you take either away). He spends all day swapping the one in his mouth for the other, and back again. It's like he knows I want to throw them away for good...


heather80 said...

Are they silicone or latex? If they're latex, try cutting the end off, he may find it less appealing (don't do this with silicone, as silicone gets sharp when you cut it).

Also, you can try not taking the soother from him, but having him put it somewhere himself, like the same place every day, and he can have it during certain times (naptime, etc.) With the kids at the daycare, the simple act of having them put it away, instead of my taking it away, made a HUGE difference, especially for kids with control issues.

Terri-Ann said...

Funny - just this morning I tried to have him put the soother away. We have an organizer in his room where we keep them all. He looked at me like "yeah right" and shoved it in his mouth. But I think I'm going to keep trying this method, especially knowing it worked at your daycare.

(all silicone - I find the latex ones get gummy - but interesting idea. Maybe I'll buy a latex one just for this purpose...)

heather80 said...

Shea's are all silicone too, they don't break down as easily, but Shea only gets his to go to sleep, or when out of the house and REALLY fussy (usually because he needs/wants to go to sleep). He then spits it out in his sleep. He's just sort of used it to, well, pacify himself, and then he's done with it. The habit of his I just cannot seem to get him to stop is clawing at my face while nursing. And also, just generally getting into things (baby-proofing? What's that? Baby-proofing only works for kids who do not have super-human strength like mine does). But not the pacifiers. He also doesn't comfort nurse. Sometimes I'm glad for this, sometimes not :).

Terri-Ann said...

Baby-proofing didn't work with Caleb, either. Either he'd watch us to figure out how it worked, or just rip the trap apart. Just wait until Shea is climbing! Caleb can drag entire tables across the room to climb up and get himself higher. And he snapped all the cupboard guards right in half. Poor Colin. His baby brother now outweighs him, and is stronger too!

My mistake with the soother was when he was sick. He only ever had it at night until a few weeks ago, when he got so sick that I gave in and let him have it. Oops.

heather80 said...

Shea can climb anything. He climbs to STANDING on the back of the couch (yes, that's right, he stands ON TOP of the back of the couch, leaning against the window.) Yesterday, he climbed up in his stroller, stood up, and was just about to succeed in climbing onto the handle part, which would have toppled it over, when I stopped him.

There are 2 big, heavy, wooden chairs in our playpen, which just slows him down, he can still push it around, and the playpen is there to block him from repeatedly taking the vent out of the cold air return in the floor and crawling his way into the basement.

And those things in the drawers to stop them from opening? They don't even slow him down, he just yanks hard and they open. He is freakishly strong, even the dad of the baby a watch, who is the same age, can't get over it.

He's gonna be able to take me by 5 :).

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