Thursday, 5 March 2009

Sense of Humour

Anyone else experience God's sense of humour in their life?

This morning, before 9am:

Colin was being aggressive and angry, and so he was sent to spend time alone in his room. Suddenly I heard through the vent: "I have to go pee!" Well, whether this was a tactic to get out of his room or not, I couldn't ignore it since he's just learning to toilet train. I headed upstairs, opened the door and found: pee on the floor, the cold air return grill wrenched from the floor, and Colin heading into the hole. This hole drops through to the living room, 10 feet below.

While trying to tackle the pee on the floor and the child hanging through the ceiling, Caleb zipped by the open bedroom doorway. I vaguely glimpsed him sucking on something I knew wasn't food.

I was right. He had unscrewed the lid of a facial cleanser and was sucking at the pump, ingesting who knows how much soap.

Sigh. Before 9am I'd nearly had one kid plunge through the floor and called poison control for the other.

And here is the kicker: our mail is usually delivered in the afternoon. Today, however the mailman cam early. Before 9am early. He delivered a package for me. I was excited because I'd ordered three books. Only one had arrived. The title: "The Strong-Willed Child". The humour of the whole situation was not lost on me.

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heather80 said...

I read the Strong-Willed Child in University :).

Shea does the same thing with our grate. I'm guessing you wouldn't like our tactic of the playpen with the solid wood chairs in it, though.

And yes, sometimes, you just have to laugh. I`m convinced my life is just one big set of irony.