Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Visions of Spring

I am having a lovely day today. Even though the sky outside is grey, and I've just donned a sweater to keep out the chill, I am having the type of day that reminds me beautiful days of summer sunshine and languid afternoons and homemade projects are just around the corner.

My day began with my morning toilette. A small occurrence for some, but a rare half hour of enjoyment for me. A shower, a chance to comb my hair and dress at my leisure; I always feel ready to tackle the day when I can take that time for myself before getting going.

A yummy breakfast spread of scrambled eggs wraps and a juicy cantelope. Humming away while I do the dishes. An applesauce loaf baking in the oven. The boys playing with their Dad.

A visit from a friend and her children. Our kids all playing nicely together (albeit loudly and with much romping), with no reminders needed from mothers. A chat about an array of things: our loves, our triumphs, our frustrations, our trials, our passions, our excitements. A much needed verbal hug from another mom.

An easy snacking lunch and a nap for all. The boys, still napping, allow me to first read a bit of the Letters of C.S. Lewis, and then peruse a local magazine highlighting the history and landscape of our county. It was this that has put me in this romantic spring mood. Mention of the farmer's market opening day, gardening tips, picnics for all types of groups. I'm hurrying spring in my mind as fast as I can.

Still more to come for me: searching for the perfect song for a musical performance coming up, and composing flute and violin parts to accompany the vocals and piano. A game or two with the boys. Humming through the kitchen as I create a favourite dish for dinner. A few hours alone this evening while James is out to curl up again with C.S. Lewis, or penning a few more lines for my book, or picking out the melodies for the song, or planning my first little garden.

The only thing missing from my lovely day is the ability to do all these activities outside. My spacious deck beckons, and I see myself in a month or two set up on the table or in my lounge chair while the boys zip around the yard. I eagerly await the time to kneel in soft earth and coax my plants to fruition.

But for what today has to offer, it has been a lovely day.

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