Friday, 24 April 2009


Last night I played in my first concert as a flutist. It was a fantastic community event organized by our band, in which we play with the local high schools and elementary schools. Each band played a few selections on their own, and then we played all together. I can imagine the experience for the kids, especially the 11, 12 and 13 year olds, would have been inspiring. To hear the songs you have been struggling through come alive in a band of 150 people!

As I sat in my chair and looked around the the group of musicians that filled the gamut of ages between 11 and 60+ years, I realized: I was very likely the person with the least experience in the entire band! I knew that starting a new instrument meant I would be the novice in the community band; all of a sudden I realized that even the grade school students had been playing since September! I felt very humbled by the thought.

It was a great show. There were a few unusual fumbles, and the challenge of playing for new conductors and with new musicians, but the overall effect was amazing. We do it all again next week with a new round of schools, and then we have two more engagements to prepare for before we break for the summer. One thing for certain - I'll be back in the fall! I haven't decided if I'll keep with flute or take a turn on the clarinet, but I'm enjoying the immersion so much it won't matter which instrument I play. I'll simply be glad to be a part of this group again.

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