Monday, 13 April 2009

Homemade bagels

I found a recipe for homemade bagels, which made me jump up and dance in the kitchen. (Literally. Bagels are really expensive to buy in the stores now. And they are one of my favourite snacks.) Flour, water, yeast, honey and salt. That easy.

Or not. It turns out I am terrible at kneading dough. Away I went, taking the crazy night and stressful morning I had out on my poor little ball of flour. Smoosh, fold, turn, smoosh, fold, turn, smoosh, fold, turn. My only instruction was to knead "until smooth and elastic". I also know you have to be weary of over-handling dough. So I stopped when it looked right. I thought it would look better when it rose. I thought it would improve when it broiled. I thought there would be a change while it boiled. I held out a little longer while it baked. But - no such luck. My scrawny, lumpy, puny bagels look nothing like the beautiful photo posted by the "Heavenly Homemaker". And she actually takes pictures as she makes it - so you know that's really what they should look like.

Ah well. They look awful, but there taste scrumptious. They aren't the dense lump of knotted dough I expected. Once I actually get the kneading right, they are going to be FANTASTIC! I think next time I'll let the bread machine do the kneading.

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