Friday, 3 April 2009

Nothing escapes him

Today Colin's fever spiked above 40 C, which meant a trip to the ER. Not having a car of my own, I called a friend who graciously offered to drive us over. After a couple of hours (and everything seemingly okay) I called her again to pick us up. Trouble was, I couldn't remember what her car looked like. In my fast-moving chaotic rush out the door, all I could remember was that it was white or grey or tan - something light coloured, I thought. But knowing Colin's attention to detail, I thought I'd give him a try.

"Colin, do you remember what Joanne's car looked like?"
"Yep - it was a silver Mazda."

Sure enough, five minutes later, in rolled a silver Mazda, with Joanne at the wheel. Even in a feverish haze, half asleep, eyes full of tears and curling into my arms in pain, my three year old managed to catch the details of the car. He misses nothing, that kid.

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