Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Caleb has taken a deep interest in things spiritual lately.  While Colin has always had a deep interest in scripture, Caleb is more the pondering eternal questions type.

While I ran up to a friend's house to drop something off, Caleb and Juliette were in the van.  When I returned, Caleb told me that he had just been telling Juliette about how God made her, and how God had made him also, and about how special that made them.  I didn't press for more details about their conversation.  (Since our camping trip this summer, a deep love for the privacy of children's conversations between themselves has really grown within me.  I sense the sacredness of these moments and that overcomes the urge to nose in on it.)

He's also been very concerned about life after this one on earth.  He's been very emotional about it, even coming to tears at the thought of separation between heaven and earth.  He worries about not ending up in heaven with those he loves.  And when he opens up about these concerns, you can really sense that these aren't childish queries; they are in fact deep-seeded and heartfelt thoughts bubbling to the surface.

I am really enjoying watching my children as they grow in all facets.  It's already evident how different they are from each other, and how each learns in their own way, and has their own strengths and weaknesses and struggles and triumphs.  I'm constantly trying to capture these flashes of inspiration about my children, tucking them away for down the road when life grows more serious in the decisions they make and roads they take.  I want to always remember how different they each are, and hope that my parenting tool kit for each child will be tailored exactly to what each needs.

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