Thursday, 4 October 2012

Catching up

Well, that blog title is a lie - I don't think it's possible to ever catch up.  James has been drowning in work and I'm drowning in the house and we both just feel like there is so much flowing around us that something is going to give.

We have fruit flies that are multiplying.  I have two baskets of summer clothes to go away that have been waiting for 3 weeks.  There is Lego everywhere.  The upstairs rooms are in various states of rearrangement and tidiness.  I have a Christmas program to write and rehearse.  The laundry is piling up.  There hasn't been a meal plan or a grocery shopping list in weeks.  It's time for the monthly accounting reconciliation and that requires James to watch Juliette/the kids so I can focus on the numbers (not going to happen!)  The entry way is still sitting, waiting for it's coat of paint and makeover.  And the nursery is so far down the list I wonder if I'll get it done before Juliette outgrows it.

Plus, sitting and the kitchen table here while I write, the sun is pouring through the window and illuminating 5 years of rain and muck.  Seriously - does anyone actually find the time to wash their windows?  Not even on the radar here.

I think I need a plan.  A written out plan of attack to get myself "caught up."  Oh sure, I'm under no illusion that that actually means everything is done.  I just want to get things to where I can sit down for a  minute with my book club book and sip on a hot chocolate and enjoy the quiet.

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