Friday, 19 October 2012


Juliette is 4 months this week.  It is true - somewhere someone is turning time faster and faster, because this has just flown by.  She is such a joy to have here in our family.

Wednesday morning she rolled over for the first time.  Very much like the boys, there was no trying beforehand.  She just rolled onto her side and then continued right over onto her tummy, where she was actually quite content to stay.

All the boys are still 100% in love with her.  We haven't run into any jealousy with any of them.  If you've ever heard about the Roots of Empathy program, seeing the boys with Juliette is a good example of the theories behind that program.  When she whimpers, they immediately run to her and coo in soft, reassuring voices or sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to try and calm her down.

Benjamin always calls her "my sister."  "My sister is crying."  "My sister is awake."  "That's my sister."  It's adorable.

She smiles all the time.  Even when she's crying, as soon as she sees a face come toward her she breaks out in her big, open mounted smile, through her tears.

Every month I'm doing a little mini photoshoot with her, and getting some beautiful shots.  While I might not have as many candid photos of her as I do of Colin, I certainly have some great quality ones. She makes a great photo subject.  Often Benjamin will jump in there with her, or act as my assistant in bringing out her beautiful smile.

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