Thursday, 23 May 2013


Last weekend we took the training wheels off of Caleb's bike.  As a family we trekked over to the local school that has a gentle, small, grassy hill that is perfect for learning to balance on two wheels.  We climbed to the top and Caleb pushed off: and never looked back.

I knew it was time, a year earlier than we did with Colin, because he kept falling off his bike.  That's right, he kept falling off his bike with training wheels.  I scratched my head at first, wondering how on earth someone can fall off a bike with four wheels?  Then I realized that it as his size and power; he was actually too big for training wheels.  They had to come off.

Last night we moved from the grass to the pavement at the school.  I strapped on elbow and knee pads (more for his sensitive nature than to actually protect his skin) and while I called out instructions (turn! turn! turn! brake and jump off!) Colin biked at his side, encouraging him as he went.  Then Caleb biked home.

Another milestone in his life, another proud parenting moment.  And yet, it all seemed so natural as to not be a big deal at all.  What was neat, though, was seeing the other observers, people from the neighbourhood we don't know at all, but who felt the joy of a young boy learning to ride a two-wheeler.  I guess you always remember that kind of happiness.

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