Tuesday, 21 May 2013


On Sunday Juliette said her first word: "Mommy."

I was playing the piano for prelude at church, and James had passed Juliette off to an older couple while he went to find Benjamin.  When I finished, I descended from the stand, coming down the 4 stairs and making my way to our pew.  Juliette caught sight of me coming, outstretched her arms and called our clearly "Mommy!"

It arrested all those around us, as several families and couples all shared in the joy.  "Did she just say Mommy?"  "Is she talking yet?"  "She said Mommy!" they asked and exclaimed.

My heart filled with love and joy.  While she has been babbling for months, this was so clearly a "first word."  I don't remember the boys having the same experience; rather, I recall combined syllables, babbling sounds, and trying to guess or discern if they were actually associating any words with any specific things or people.

As if to reassure me, yesterday when I went in to get Juliette after nap she was standing in her crib.  She reached out toward me and called out once again "Mommy!"  Not ma-ma (two syllables strung together), but very definitely "Mommy."

My heart is melting.  She's also very, very close to walking.  She's creeping all over, holding onto the furniture, and walking while holding onto our hands.  She just can't wait to get up and go!

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