Friday, 3 May 2013


Winter is gone, and rolled right into summer.  Must be Canada.

I am trying to salvage my little gardens.  Two years of weeds and grass have infested every inch.  No hope of strawberry perennials at all.  Funny - the destruction part is my favourite.  I love to dig and turn the earth and pull things out.  Putting plants in and trying to tend and care for them...not so much.  Even the harvest never has me as excited as the labour intensive work at the beginning of the season.

I'm also planning on digging up the other side of the yard, under the shade of our big maple trees.  No grass has ever grown there, so instead I'm going to dig down and pile up some dirt and make it into a little boy's paradise.  Benjamin loves his digger and dump trucks and I figure what's the point of trying to build and manage a sandbox when Mother Earth has all that dirt just waiting to be explored.

In the garden this year will be cherry tomatoes and green onions and...well, I'm not sure.  A cucumber plant or two, maybe.  I've never had much luck with anything else.  I love fresh herbs, but when I grew them in the back garden I never thought of going out there to grab some to use for cooking.  I'd really love to get something to go on the deck.  I saw some cute rain gutter herb gardens that someone mounted on their side of the house, which might be an option.

Dig dig dig.  I've still got four more garden areas to go, so time to lather on the sunscreen and head out again!

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