Monday, 7 October 2013

A little dinner conversation

It started with the cub pledge.

"Who is the queen?"

So we talked about the queen.  Which led into the commonwealth and a look at our wall map at the countries included in the commonwealth.  Which led into emigration from England and France and the war of 1812.  Which led into the difference between a monarchy and a democratic form of government.  Then onto voting and elections which moved naturally into lines of succession and kings and queens.  Onto the birth of Prince George, and who can become king or queen.  And what happens if every son, grandson, aunt, uncle and cousin in the royal family dies.  Why people like the queen, and what she does, and what it means to be a figurehead and the parliament and the house of commons.  Why it is called the house of commons, and who can be prime minister.  Back to voting.  Then over again to the royals and what it means to be a celebrity and why millions of people watched a wedding and waited for a baby to be born.  Back to geography, and why some countries want to still have a queen and why some don't.  To the differences between Canada and the United States...

Yep - just a little dinner conversation at the Gawthroupe table with a five and seven year old :)

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Erin said...

I would not have been able to answer 95% of those questions. Guess I wasn't paying attention in History. Come to think of it, I took Geography instead and opted out of history. Thanks goodness we just talk about kissing boys at our dinner table :)