Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The results of being calm

"If you are calm and peaceful, you can slow time down, and do and see more and better."
(Shawni Eyre Pothier)

While I might work at the wording of the above statement, I love what it's trying to say.  I have discovered the truth of being calm these past 8 years of being a mother.  Before children, I would whip around from one project to the next.  I walked with a quick gait; in fact, a pre-requisitite for shoe buying was the ability to run in them (even my black dress shoes with big fat square rubber heels.)  I piled my plate with projects.  I easily ran down to-do lists.

Now, in the chaos that is young children, I crave calmness.  I centre myself first so that I don't add to the noise and busyness around me.  And in the process I have discovered that I am more productive at a calmer, slower pace.  I reduce the amount of errors, I lower time-eating stress, I start with a clear vision and move through it step by step so as not to repeat or go back to something I miss.

You'd think that doing things more slowly would result in less time, less accomplished.  But the ever-true axiom "haste makes waste" will swirl around someone rushing too quickly.  Besides, what am I rushing for?  If I must move in a hurried manner just to get everything on the list done, there is too much on the list.  If I never seem to get to important things then my priorities are out of line.  If it takes forever to do something then I'm probably doing about it the wrong way.

Our own nature will overflow from within us and touch all that is around us: our tasks, our children, our family, our friends, our projects, our jobs, our homes.  I am convinced more than ever that the mood of a mother will set the tone of her home and those who enter.

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