Thursday, 10 October 2013

God's grandeur

I'm currently doing a bible study that was filmed in the great Canadian Rocky mountains.  It got me to thinking about the absolute majesty of mountains, rising up from the earth, towering above us, so powerful and strong and mighty.  I got to thinking about the grandness of all of nature, the vastness of oceans and the endless acres of forests.  Everything in this beautiful world around us has been created on a scale so vast it dwarfs us.

I thought about man's greatest attempts to build something large and beautiful.  I pictured Notre Dame de Paris, stone carved with great detail, its towers casting long-reaching shadows on the city below.  I thought about the years and efforts it took to cause such a great structure to come to be.  I considered the feats of engineering our largest and most ambitious buildings needed, the pain-staking decades of labour.  There are some buildings which took so long to construct I bet there were men and women who worked their whole lives just to complete them.

I think of all that effort, and realize that even those grandest structures are nothing, nothing in comparison to the grandeur of God's creations.  Nothing we have ever built can take our breath away like jagged rock reaching heavenward, wearing a cloak of snow and crowned in mist.  How tiny and small our little bodies next to the mountain.

How tiny and small our bodies next to God.

"Thou art the God that doest wonders."

Are you ever struck by the wonders of God?  Wonder struck?

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