Friday, 11 October 2013

The rebel

I'm currently hosting a small women's scripture study group each Tuesday morning.  I selected a few chapters and wrote down some journal prompt questions to help us apply what we are reading to our actual, every day lives.

This past week we talked about rebellion, and we thought about any of our children who are currently rebelling against what we have taught them, or children who are young but seem to have rebellious tendencies in them.  (Yes, I have at least one.  Juliette is too young to discern as of yet.)

My friend noted this sage piece of wisdom: today's culture is completely counter to what we are trying to teach our children.  If we have a rebellious child, let us hope and pray that they decide to rebel against society, not against us.

I love that.  We always assume rebellion is bad, but really it is about being counter-cultural.  And isn't that what we actually want to be?  If we can plant a good seed deep inside, then they will see through the facade to the ugliness of the world's promises and run good and hard in the other direction.  Now that's the kind of rebellion I want in my kids.  In fact, I'm finding myself hoping for a little rebellion in all of them.

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