Monday, 20 January 2014

2014 - Less

Sigh.  I seem to always be on a mission for minimalism, and never quite achieving it.  Or, in a more positive light, perhaps the journey to less is never finished.  In our western society, I think it is impossible to truly grasp what it is to live an uncluttered life.

A couple weeks back as I was putting away all the Christmas decorations, it occurred to me not to replace it with all the usual home decor I had up before.  The clocks, picture frames and knick knacks I left in a big bin.  Last year I lived by the mantra that if it wasn't useful or beautiful not to let it clutter up my space.  This year I'm going to start with nothing and see how it goes.  Somehow I don't think in our small 1200 sq ft home we will ever feel empty or bare.

Of course, I seem to have the terrible luck of needing something a couple of weeks after I throw it out or give it away.  Something that I haven't looked at or used much in years will suddenly be needed and out I go to replace it.  Ah well.  I suppose that it the price of an uncluttered life.

Similarly, we Westerners have a need to fill the metaphorical space around us.  More events on the calendar, more commitments, more background noise, more media, more people, more projects.  I want to "be still" more this year, in order that my head, emotions and spirit might be more clear.

Ironically, last year my word for the year was "More."  It was about making my life more about others than about myself.  When the word "less" came to mind this year, I didn't remember right away about last year.  I guess I'm on a continuing mission, or, in other words, a year wasn't quite long enough for what God has in mind for me.

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