Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year

Things I have in mind for 2014:

1.  Morning yoga.  Right after the boys are out the door, Juliette and I will do a yoga program (video), 3 mornings a week.

2.  Writing.  I have a small group of friends who all love to write, and who, like myself, have let this creative outlet run dry since having children.  We are going to form a small accountability group in which to share and encourage each other in our writing.  I have one children's book and one non-ficiton women's book I want to write this year.

3.  School programs.  I hope to at least run a track and field team in the spring at my kids' school.  I may also do Bucket drumming in the winter, if I can fit it in.

4.  Garage organization.  This is a big summer project for me.  Not just a shift of everything in there, but finally ripping out the shelving that isn't in the right spot and re-jigging it all.

5.  Build a dollhouse for Juliette's second birthday.  I have a couple of cute ideas, and I'm excited to build her one instead of buying one.

6.  Trip to France.  Happy 10 years to me and James.  We will celebrate together in Paris and in the south of France in June.

7.  Family hiking.  My parents outfitted us for Geocaching proper with a great kit.  I hope to get out on many more adventures this year.

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Mom said...

Dad said he will be happy to help you with the garage reorganization if you can get your ideas together before we come! :-)