Monday, 10 March 2014


Our boys have discovered a new passion...chess.  They have played no less than 10 games a day since they got their set on Saturday.  All three boys very quickly learned the names of the pieces and how they move.  It's so cute to hear Benjamin's little four-year old voice say "I think I'll move my knight up there next to my rook."

Colin is a serious player.  He is really good at seeing the consequences of each move.  He is rarely caught off guard.  Given a few months I'm sure he will be able to think three, four, five moves ahead.

Caleb is a passionate player.  He tries to play both sides, with all seriousness.  He's just as excited to take one of your men as he is to point out when you get to take one of his.  He narrates every game, every move.

Benjamin is really trying to take it all in.  He understands how the pieces move and loves to capture any man.  He's just playing one move at a time.  And every now and then he decides to play "magic chess" in which any of his men can move any way they want.

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