Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Feeling old (school)

This weekend I've been asked to be a workshop speaker at a church youth conference again.  This is absolutely one of my favourite things to do.  It's a lot of research, writing, editing, memorizing and preparing, but I love it.

I'm almost all ready to go.  I'll be talking about Daniel, from the Old Testament.  I'm really excited because the group of kids I'm speaking to are 15 years old, which is about the age of Daniel in the chapters I'm highlighting.  I love when I can make God's word real to the youth.  Last year I talked about Esther and I think the kids really connected to the idea that she was a young woman like many in that room.

I got a little nervous this afternoon, though.  I was messaged in a group, along with all the other presenters (there are eight) and asked what we needed.  I was first to reply: 50 pens.

The other speakers also replied: a TV with Apple TV, a projector to hookup to a computer, a TV to hookup to a computer, a project, a TV...

The only thing I'll be using is a pen, a piece of paper and the bible.

I'm old (school) that way.  I'm also reminding myself that this is not a popularity competition.  I do not have to compete with the other presenters.  I do not have to be the favourite, the best, the flashiest, the most entertaining.

I have to be a conduit for the Holy Spirit.

(But I still have to stand up in front of all those teenagers.  Wish me luck!  And oh yeah, it's in London Ontario, so I'll be away from Juliette overnight for the first time.  Wish James luck!)

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How long are you here?!

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