Thursday, 13 March 2014

Simplify this Spring

It's that time again.  As March is in full swing, that yearning to clean and purge rises again.  Even when there is still three feet of snow on the ground and Spring is nowhere in sight.

I've got a good list of projects to try and get to this year.  I'm calling it "Simplify This Spring."  Some are big projects, some are little, but all are things I've had on my mind to do.  I like using pictures as a starting place because it helps me focus my mind on what I'm after.

(in no particular order)

1.  Bottom kitchen cupboards - under the sink and the pots/pans.  Both need some new shelving built so that I'm not stacking and restacking every time I go in there.

2.  Batteries.  From the big basket into a nicely organized container.

3.  Garage.  By far the biggest.  It needs entirely new built-in shelving, the built-in workbench needs to be relocated, and all of our bikes need organizing.

4.  Wrapping paper.  It's tossed in a very inconvenient spot in the basement.

4.  The boy's bedroom closet.  I don't know how I want it to look yet, but no matter how often we clean it, we can't keep up.  Translation: it's not working.  The clothes need to be lower, more shelving and maybe some buckets, a place for lego's a work in progress.

5.  The hall closet.  It's a terrible colour of orange.  And the broom and mop are always falling out on us.  Seriously, a coat of paint and a couple of nail, plus some way to organize the bags in the bottom.

6.  The master bedroom closet.  There is already a great organizer in there, it just needs to be purged once again.  Or maybe the bars need to be shifted around a little.  I would love less clothes space and instead have somewhere to put shoes and purses.  (Not that I have tons, but I like how this closet looks.)

7.  A place for belts and scarves.  This is cute and easy.

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Jules said...

You forgot the basement one, with the wooden shelving for the bins. I saw you pin it. I want to do this too. I'm not enjoying the stacking and unstacking. Group project? :-D