Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Family photos

Another year, another round of family photos.  The coordination of outfits (my very least favourite part, but we nailed it this year!) and the styling of hair (mine) and then climbing through a wire fence to get to a small spot of trees and grass that reaches to your waist.  I always opt for golden hour, just before the sun sets.  Then we spend 30 minutes trying to keep everyone in order and looking at the camera and smiling without looking strange and please, please, please, let there be one, just one, picture that is usable.

34 years I've been doing this now, and for all the trouble I love that we have a family photo for every single year.  Now off to make prints and create calendars and Christmas cards and all the lovely things you do with lovely photos.

But more than my own photos, I love that I've started taking photos for some other families.  Each year I take out my sister with her family, and my sister-in-law and her family and get some cute shots of their cute kids (and the adults as well!)  I love flipping through the shots when I get home to see what I've got.  This year I had a great one of my sister's nephew (expanding my client list this year) who was adorable, and a fantastic series of my niece who gives a different expression in every single shot.  Gotta love the joie de vie that she exudes!

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