Wednesday, 29 October 2014

In between

I sure feel in between right now.  I was sitting here, thinking about how I haven't written much lately, and that which I have written has been flighty and poor quality.  My churning thoughts seemed to be jammed up in my head and my days are flipping by without much time to sit at a computer.

All this seems to reflect my state of being in between.  In between what, I can't seem to articulate.  Things are moving as usual, the schedule is settled, I read and study and discuss and meet with friends. There are no fractured relationships.  And yet I feel a little like I'm drifting between two somethings.

Maybe in a few days or weeks, or heaven forbid, even months, something will become clear.  Maybe my hindsight will catch whatever shift I seem to be making inside, emotional, spiritual, physical.  For now I guess I'll just keep on trucking and see where this journey takes me.  Experience has proven that it's always exciting.

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