Friday, 10 October 2014


So I was thinking about a friend the other day who lives far enough away that we don't usually get to see each other.  Through the invention of blogging, we get to look into each other's lives often, but most of our correspondence is limited to that.  I have always a feeling if we lived closer we would be good friends, swapping books and ideas, challenging ideas and notions, stretching each other to grow, and sharing evenings of making music.

As I was thinking about this particular friend, my mind drifted to another friend I've made in the past year, and how much we love to sit in each other's company.  We swap books and ideas, challenge ideas and notions, make music...

It suddenly occurred to me that these two friends were very similar.  And as I thought about it more...they both have large families, both homeschool, both have very strong ideas, both have musical families and husbands, and both even have husbands who are psychiatrists!

Really, the more I thought about it, the more I realized just how similar these two wonderful women are.  I felt blessed to have one in my life on a weekly basis, and a little more melancholy that the other is so far away...

I am grateful for friends from all walks of life.  Really, most of my friends are so different it might be a strange group if I gathered them all together.  But how funny it is to realize the characteristics of two women that I'm obviously drawn toward.

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