Monday, 21 May 2007

99 Balloons

God knows what we need and when we need it. Today I needed a video a friend passed along. Only three and a half months into the pregnancy, it seems like it will never end. I don't want to record all the downs I'm having, but suffice it to say I often feel like I want to rush through the next six months and be done with it.

This morning I caught a program on TV about three babies who were miracle births, none of whom were expected to live. Their parents spoke openly about their heartfelt prayers and the deep faith it took to get through each of their new baby's life. The children (now adults) spoke of the purposes they had found in life, and the roles they were fulfilling for the God who had let them live. It was a reminder to me just how delicate life is, and how none of us knows the course planned out for us.

Then this afternoon I watched a short video called "99 Balloons". It was a beautiful story about another miracle, a baby that wasn't even supposed to make it to birth. I won't write any more about the video, because I hope you do get a chance to watch it (link included at end of entry). It reinforced the message I'd been sent this morning, however. I didn't enjoy my first pregnancy and haven't had the best time this go-round either. But I hope I can learn to treasure these days a little more, because any one of us could be called home at any moment.

I almost want to go wake Colin from his nap and give him a big hug (but I know better than to wake a sleeping baby!)

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Anonymous said...

Terri-Ann, my preganancies have been real struggles as well. It's always a little difficult to talk to friends who had smooth, untroubled, care-free pregnancies, when I was in so much pain and generally deeply depressed - it felt unfair and frustrating at times. I was encouraged by your words today though. This is a journey of faith and courage and perseverance, but you are doing the difficult thing and will taste the sweet joy at the end of it.