Friday, 18 May 2007

The beginnings of a melody

If there was any doubt there is music in Colin's soul, lay it to rest now. Colin has always enjoyed talking, to us, to the cat, to strangers, to himself. We may not understand his words yet, but he definitely understands what he is saying. Lately we've caught him singing to himself. Right now he's waking himself up from his nap and I can hear him lying contentedly in his crib, gabbing and singing away.

His favourite tune seems to be "Frere Jaques". He gets a little muddled in the middle (that third line has a lot of quick notes!) but gets through to the end, only to go back to the beginning. We've also heard "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and a little ditty of James' that he created when trying to cheer Colin up.

I remember learning in my Music in Early Childhood that children naturally have music in them. Our teacher related a family story of her daughter arriving at a beach one sunny summers day, and with no other way to express her joy, she ran through the waves bursting into song.

Colin sings himself to sleep, sings when he wakes, while he plays and while he just wanders around the house.

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Mom said...

I love the fact that Colin loves to sing - so do I! Unfortunately, I was not blessed with the talent to do it in key. :-) Colin does come from a long line of musical talent, though. His great Grandma Martin can sing like a nightingale. His Poppy Dunkley could play almost any instrument around and could do it by ear as well as by music. His great great Grandma Martin shared her musical ear with many as she played the organ. His Pa used to teach music (as a 15 year old grade ten student) to grade four children up in Whitehorse. His great uncles (Baden and Kenny) both play musical instruments. His aunts (Jennifer and Krystal) both took piano lessons, Jennifer was first alto sax in high school, Krystal played the clarinet in school and went to Mayfield for voice. She was also in the Toronto Children's Chorus. His parents are both very musical! I guess he was bound to learn to sing at an early age with that much talent running through his vains!

I love to sing to Colin when he is snuggling with me before he goes down for a nap or for the night. I just hope he can stand the off key voice and just appreciate how much I love to sing and how much I love him!