Tuesday, 22 May 2007

God grant me patience...

Colin: (makes the sign for drink)

Mom: Colin would you like a drink?

Colin: (nods. Mom gets him some juice in a sippy cup.)

Mom: Remember, the juice goes in your mouth.

Colin: (Smiles. Drinks. Pours juice on floor).

Mom: Okay. That means you lose your juice.

Colin: (Screams the entire minute I have put his cup out of reach)

Mom: Okay. Here is your juice. Don't pour it on the floor.

Colin: (Reaches for drink. Dutifully puts it in his mouth. Wanders two steps away, turns, smiles, and pours it on the floor)

Mom: Nope. You don't get your juice.

Colin: (Screams the entire two minutes the cup is out of reach).

Mom: Okay. One more try. The juice goes in your mouth, not on the floor. This time Mommy is going to hold the cup for you. (Struggles to keep his hands from tearing the cup from mine)

Colin: (Drinks nicely. Appears to finish. Takes three steps away, smiles, and spits the juice all over the floor. Is completely sated and doesn't care that I take the drink away again).

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