Friday, 24 October 2008


This morning I was treated to a lovely concert. Colin just seemed to have a heart full of song today, and one song after another came pouring out. Starting at breakfast time, lasting through play time, and right into lunch, he sang - sometimes purposefully, sometimes absent-mindedly, but always with the emotion and gusto that are his trademarks.

Included songs: "Stranger in Moscow," "Windy," "The Theme to Star Trek," "Amazing Grace," "How Great Thou Art," "Mom-mom Mom-mom," Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy," "I've Been Workin' on the Railroad," "Santa Baby," "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "Little Drummer Boy," Row, row, row your boat," "The Impossible Dream."


Colin's memory is always astounding. Lately I've noticed that he is aware if you skip something in a story book. If two pages stick together, he notices. If you skip a line on a page (even in longer books with 10 or 12 sentences per page), he notices - and corrects you. And many of his books he can "read" on his own, because he has committed the words to memory.

This, of course, is stuff he is exposed to often. But even his long-term memory is great. While playing with a toy plane the other day, I asked him "do you remember when you went on the plane"? Without missing a beat, he said:

"Yes. And Pa was there, and Caleb, but not Daddy. And we bought the new DVD player to take on the plane, and I watched "Finding Nemo," and then "Cars" and then "A Bug's Life." And we ate food and then we went to Vancouver."

Not only are all these details correct, but he hasn't watched those movies in the last six months - and still recalled the exact ones and the exact order we watched them. He recalled my father was there, but not James. Oh, and did I mention that the last time he was on a plane was last February?!

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